Weight loss

I started counting calories, which I said I would never do and voila! I lost 4 pounds this week! It has really opened my eyes to how many calories things are (especially the little things like a small piece of chocolate). Now I am forced to ask myself it the piece of chocolate is really worth the 66 calories or if I should eat something else. Sometimes it’s worth it…because we all need to eat things that make us happy. But sometimes it is not because you realize you are eating because you are bored ­čÖé

This was a good lesson…and a great week! Here’s to next week! Hope everyone else is doing well!


Day 2.

I went to the gym yesterday and walked a mile. Today I decided that to motivate myself I would spend the day telling myself how excited I was to go tonight and…
I went to the gym knowing that I at least wanted to do 1.10 miles, so that I could say I did more than I did the day before and I did 1.96! I am so proud of myself! It’s amazing what some good music and motivation can do for you!
Today’s lesson: fake it til you make it. Tell yourself you love to go to the gym and want to go until you want to go because it actually feels good.
It is time for me. And I know this time I can do it!

Lazy days

I started getting lazy…so I stopped writing.
I woke up today and decided I need to get back on track. So despite feeling kind of crappy, I went to the gym. I am going again tomorrow…I hope to continue this trend.

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.

Wake up call!

I switched gyms to a closer one so that I would be more motivated to go. For me…a closer gym=higher level of motivation. I have been going pretty consistently for almost a week now. Yay me!

Well today I met with a personal trainer for the “hey…here is your fitness level/here are some exercises you could try” thing.

I loved it.

Well…the wake up call came when they brought out that little machine that you hold out in front of you that tells you your body fat percentage–which to me means how fat you really are. That little body fat machine (which I am not entirely convinced is correct) makes me cringe more than being 200 pounds. More than anything. Seriously. Since the last time I used it my % has went up. YIKES. Wake up, Sarah!

In an effort to get motivated and more importantly, STAY motivated. I signed up for 2 personal training sessions. I know they can show me workouts that would be beneficial that maybe I have not thought about before. I hope I love it…and I hope it is worth every penny.

That stupid body fat┬ámachine was the biggest wake-up call I have ever had. It is time for a change. I need to workout…I need to eat better…I need to feel great.

Other than the body fat┬ámachine…my day has been fabulous, so here’s to that!

Life is amazing. Be Healthy.